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Schedule Your Onboarding Visit

Our Friendly Estimator Will Go Through With You Our Memberships

First Step

Whether you simply just want someone to mow your lawn and leave you alone or you want to have a Dedicated Member Partner who takes care of everything, We Got You Covered!

How It Works

Second Step

Read Through Our Onboarding Booklet Before The Visit

We'll Email This Over Right After You Schedule

Our Onboarding Booklet is the exact booklet our estimator uses during the visit. By viewing it before the visit, this helps come up with any questions before the visit and have a sense of how the visit will go.

Third Step

Onboarding Visit!

Visit Day! Ask Your Estimator Any Questions You Have!

This is the time to get as much information as you'd like. Our estimator recommends a membership and gets some property details. 

Fourth Step

Approve Your Membership And Access All Your Benefits!

You'll Have A Couple Of Days To Go Through Your Membership

Our Estimator will do their very best to make sure we get everything you need to be comfortable with approving the membership!

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